US Weekly: Elin At Favres Home During Tiger Visit

Corky Siemaszko of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS today cites an US WEEKLY report that hits newsstands Wednesday that claims Tiger Woods wife Elin Nordegren stayed at “(Brett) Favre’s 460-acre spread in Hattiesburg, Miss., while Woods undergoes sex addiction therapy at a nearby clinic.

Tiger Woods Peyton Manning

(Favre? Nah. Eli? Might buy that.)

“She definitely stands out,” a local (Hattiesburg) shopkeeper told the mag. “She was beautiful. She was walking around alone and trying to keep to herself.”

It’s not clear how much longer Woods will remain at the $6,200-a-week center, but Nordegren has already made plans to fly home to her native Sweden next month “to regroup,” the magazine reported.

Sweet, Tiger and Favre news now swirled for your enjoyment! We can now get our Favre/Tiger fix in just half the time thanks to the masterminds at US Weekly.

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Tiger’s Management Has Hired Lookalikes Before

Some of you out there may be a little perplexed by today’s bizarre development in the Tiger Woods saga. X17Online posted photos Friday afternoon that seemed to debunk earlier snaps from the NATIONAL ENQUIRER ascribed to Woods at a rehab center in Mississippi.

Tiger Woods stand in for EA Sports walk on water spot

The Enquirer subsequently claimed the X17Online photos are of a Woods lookalike planted at the clinic to make it appear that the golfer was never at the facility. Normally we’d all laugh off that kind of assertion, but in this case I know there are some people out there who do think today’s photos were a ruse perpetrated by Team Tiger and officials at the clinic.

I’ve maintained all along that Woods was never at the facility, but it is interesting to note that Woods is no stranger to having stand-ins. His management often hired lookalikes in the past for commercial shoots. Once such example was Woods’ famous walk-on-water spot for EA Sports in 2008.

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Enquirer Claiming Clinic Planted Tiger “Lookalike”

The NATIONAL ENQUIRER moved quickly today to counter photos from X17Online posted today purported to be the man previously identified by the Enquirer as Tiger Woods at a sex rehab center in Mississippi:

Enquirer Claims Sex Rehab Clinic Planted Lookalike

In a laughable effort to cover up Tiger Woods’ stay in a sexual addiction clinic, a Tiger lookalike was trotted out in front of a group of paparazzi at the Gentle Path rehab center Friday in Hattiesburg, Miss. The bizarre and ridiculous ruse was a clear attempt to make it look like The ENQUIRER’s exclusive photo of Tiger in rehab is not him.

And even though one photo agency Web site fell for it immediately, the differences between the two Tigers ARE obvious to even a casual observer.

So kudos to whoever dreamed up the idea of Fake Tiger, but as you can tell by reading this, it’s the details that count. Plus we’re willing to bet everything that Fake Tiger can’t break par.

Yes, this has crossed over to the point of idiotic.

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Whoops! Photos Of Man In Rehab Weren’t Tiger? just posted these photos of a man at the Pine Grove rehab center in Hattiesburg, MS.:

Man in rehab wasn't Tiger Woods

Clear evidence that the man in the photos published by the NATIONAL ENQUIRER wasn’t Tiger Woods. Or is it? Read more…

Tiger AZ Rehab Story Ruptures PHX Media Main

Phoenix TV news outlets (Fox 10, NBC 12, ABC 15 and Independent 3) have gone wild the past 24 hours reporting that Tiger Woods may be hitting the Arizona city soon. All have reported on newscasts there’s a possibility Woods could be soon heading to The Meadows rehab center outside Phoenix for treatment of an alleged sexual addiction.

Phoenix Media Reacts Over Tiger Rehab Report


Just how excited are they all? NBC 12 went so far as to do a live shot tonight outside The Meadows facility.

Phoenix Media Overreacts Over Tiger Rehab Report

(Right, wait right here.)

But upon finding out the true source of all that reportage, I don’t exactly share their enthusiasm. And it’s not even close.

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