Tiger’s Neighbor Trashes Golfer On PPV Website

Isleworth resident and Tiger Woods next-door neighbor Jerome “Jay” Adams, Jr., has launched a pay-per-view website which he claims will provide, “true stories of Tiger’s unscripted persona never shared until now.” James also claims in a preview video on the site that he will later give his own “eyewitness account” of the Woods car accident scene on Nov. 27.

Tiger Woods neighbor Jerome James creates website to trash golfer

Adams was indeed a witness to the scene of the Thanksgiving night car accident of Woods, but it was his brother Jarius who provided details to police:

“I saw Tiger laying on the ground. [His wife,] Elin, was talking to him. And from that point, I immediately ran back to the house,  got the phone, dialed 911 and ran back out of the house again to seeif she needed any assistance or whatever the case was going on.”

Additionally, Jarius James told police Woods was “actually snoring” as he attempted to hold the golfer down on the ground after the accident and that the golfer was not noticeably bleeding.

He was pretty much clean,” Jarius James said.

The James family later hired a lawyer, Bill Sharpe, to hold a press conference about what family members observed at the accident scene. The ORLANDO SENTINEL reported on Sharpe’s presser:

Sharpe said the Adams said there was no indication that Woods and his wife were arguing. “The implication is: Was he beat up by a golf club? That’s what everybody wants to know. No,” Sharpe said. “None of his injuries looked like he had been beat up by his wife.”

Sharpe also said the family told police officers that Woods didn’t seem under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

WFTV-Channel 9’s Kathi Belich also reported that the family said it didn’t see “any argument going on between Woods and his wife, but they also did not see any golf club. It’s not easy to break a vehicle window, yet two of Tiger Woods’ windows were broken out. The story we’ve heard is that his wife, Elin, claimed to have broken the windows to rescue him from the SUV with a golf club.”

Belich added that the family “just wanted to be good neighbors and they were, and they wanted to set the record straight about what they saw and what they didn’t see.”

Jerome Adams in the preview video on his site said that Woods attorney Mark NeJame contacted James family attorney Sharpe three hours before the press conference and that NeJame, “informed us that Tiger’s attorneys would like to craft a statement that was going to be read.

James goes on to claim in the same video on his new pay-per-view website that now his family wants to tell exactly what happened that night.

But if James wants to get the story out, why is he charging $4-a-throw for the privilege of hearing it?

In the free video and first $3.99 PPV clip on the site, Jerome James alleges various garden-variety slights from Woods that James and his family supposedly endured from the golfer over the years.

But James does make one very serious claim about Woods and his treatment of wife Elin Nordegren. Read more…