Tiger TV To Be Delayed But Masters Site Now Live

Last Saturday I reported that ESPN is not scheduled for live play-by-play coverage of the April 8 first round of The Masters until 4pm ET that day. Until then, there is no pre-scheduled live coverage of the tournament. ESPN has also given no indication that will change.

Tiger's first shots will likely be live on Masters.com

With Woods teeing of on April 8 at 2pm ET at the very latest, ESPN is not pre-scheduled to capture the first shots of the golfer’s comeback live. When I wrote the piece about that lack of live coverage a week ago, the Masters website gave no indication that the first few holes would be covered live online by the tournament’s official website either.

2010 Masters TV Schedule: Tiger Comeback Scheduled To Be On Tape Delay

But in the past week, there’s been a major development to that end. Read more…