Pimp Who Brought Down Spitzer To Tee Up Tiger

Longtime sports author Peter Golenbock, who is notorious for churning out insta-books, recently announced on his personal website that he has written a book about a former pimp who claims on the record to have supplied Tiger Woods with at least one prostitute.

Jason Itzler Cori Rist Tiger Woods

(Pimp Itzler claims he supplied Woods with escort)

Jason Itzler, the owner of New York Confidential, the most successful escort agency ever, has written a book about his life. He made and lost a fortune owning a phone sex business, went to jail for smuggling Ecstasy, then started New York Confidential. He was closed down by Eliot Spitzer, but then his information helped bring Spitzer down.

Joe Francis, Jr. Itzler is the delightful chap who introduced Ashley Dupre to prostitution. She soon became a regular escort for Eliot Spitzer, who was later forced to resign as New York Governor after his illegal dalliances with Dupre were revealed in the media.

Itzler’s illegal activities have been widely reported in the press over the years, and he’s done hard time for his indiscretions. Now he’s trying to capitalize on an alleged connection to Woods via his since-shuttered escort business.

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Tiger’s Dad’s Book Could Probably Use Addendum

Just in time for the holidays, Earl WoodsTraining a Tiger: A Father’s Guide to Raising a Winner in Both Golf and Life

Earl Woods Book Training a Tiger: A Father's Guide to Raising a Winner in Both Golf and Life

I wasn’t aware of the book until today, so I’ll cede to this review: “This book is great! Anytime you can read about wonderful parenting, it is a highllight in your day.

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