Tiger Welcomed Back, McGwire Deserves Same?!

John Hickey of AOL Fanhouse has an update on the reception Mark McGwire is getting from his MLB peers.

Mark McGwire and Tiger Woods

Justin Morneau, Twins. Jonny Gomes, Reds. Carlos Gomez, Brewers.

On the surface, those three wouldn’t seem to have that much in common other than their membership in the Major League Baseball Players Association.

They have in the last week connected in another way. Each has gone out of his way to approach Cardinals hitting coach Mark McGwire and welcome him back to baseball.

Hickey gives us no details of those meetings, but he does provide a curious comment from Milwaukee Brewers manager Ken Macha about McGwire’s return to baseball:

“I would hope they would welcome him back. No one can go through live without lots of difficulty. I think what you are seeing is Mac getting votes of support, like a lot of golfers are welcoming back Tiger Woods this week.”

So McGwire getting back into baseball is similar to the return of Tiger Woods to golf? Read more…