Tag Heuer: China Buys Tiger Because Of Affairs!

Sarah McInerney of the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD reports that all is not lost on the endorsement front for Tiger Woods regardless of his seemingly endless extramarital affairs.

Tiger Woods Tag Heuer Website Pages

Tag Heuer chief executive Jean-Christophe Babin told the SMH that though the watchmaker may have dropped Woods in America, his endorsement is still valuable in certain countries. In fact, Babin claims that Woods marketability has increased in China because of his infidelity.

Consequently, in the US, Woods’s image has been removed from the company’s advertising. However, it remains on the Tag Heuer website and, in China, use of it has been increased.

“In China conversely you have Tag Heuer with Tiger Woods everywhere because [with] the Chinese it rather increases their esteem,” he said. “In China, by tradition, your success is measured by your number of mistresses.”

Nuts? Not if you look at the actual sales figures for the Woods Tag Heuer watch after the scandal broke. Read more…