Video: Tiger’s First Audible Curse At The Masters

The inevitable first audible curse from Tiger Woods in his golf comeback came at the teebox of Augusta National’s par 3, 6th hole on Saturday.

Tiger Woods Curses At The Masters

(Got his money’s worth)

Woods loudly let go with, “Tiger Woods you suck! God … dammit.

Announcer Verne Lunquist then said,  “I don’t think he’s pleased.

In an amusing coincidence, CBS announcers Jim Nantz and Nick Faldo had a prescheduled, live shot from Butler Cabin air immediately after the off color comments by Woods were heard on the network.

Nantz quickly noted the expletive by Woods and eventually addressed it with Faldo. Some might say that it was admirable and perhaps even courageous for Nantz to recognized the poor decorum by Woods. But Nantz’s candor and tone is probably more a result of Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne’s on-record disdain for Woods this week than an independent opinion or judgement from the broadcaster.

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