Caddy Sack? Tiger Singles Out Stevie For Mistake

If you’ve followed Tiger Woods’ golf career for more than five minutes, you know that he quite often refers to “we” when crediting his success and failure on the course. So his Sunday post-round comments at the U.S. Open regarding caddie Steve Williams were, at the very least, noteworthy.

Tiger Woods Caddie Steve Williams At The Airport

(Don’t read too much into Tiger’s comments - or this photo)

When talking about “mistakes that cost us a chance to win the Open,” Woods singled out Williams for poor club selection on the 10th hole. It was a bogey on that hole that effectively signaled the end of contention for the golfer yesterday.

Woods to the gathered media Sunday:

“I didn’t know the wind was down. I thought it was more a crest and that brought the right side into play. Read more…