Brit Emma Rotherham “Most Recent” Tiger Fling?

Jane Atkinson and James Desborough of NEWS OF THE WORLD reports for the publication’s Sunday edition:

Emma Rotherham Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress

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TIGER Woods paid HALF A MILLION dollars - around £300,000 - to buy the silence of a blonde British mum who has been his secret mistress for 18 months. The cheating golf superstar fixed the golden kiss-off for Emma Rotherham to set her up for life after she vowed NEVER to talk about their torrid fling.

The stunning 42-year-old mother of two - the 19th Tiger conquest revealed so far and the image of his wife Elin - was given the fortune in CASH. One of the love rat’s security team handed over the money in a sports bag stuffed with $100 bills.

The Brit tab claims Rotherham “was his most recent mistress. They had a very, very passionate relationship and she has dozens of text messages and emails from him. Some were even sent while Tiger was trying to patch things up with his wife Elin.

Don’t worry, NOTW also has details dredged from the too-much-information dept.

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