Tiger Banner Over US Open: “Are You My Daddy?”

An aerial banner mocking Tiger Woods appeared above the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach today. Ryan Ballengee of WaggleRoom.com captured the sky sign, which read, “TIGER: ARE YOU MY DADDY?”:

Tiger Woods US Open Banner Are You My Daddy?

Ballengee noted of the banner’s first appearance:

Tiger Woods hit a terrible drive to the left on the downhill par 4 third hole. As Woods was hitting his recovery out of deep grass with a very audible grunt, a plane passed over the third hole with a message for Tiger. It asked, “Tiger: Are You My Daddy?”

Another view of the plane towing the banner today:

Tiger Woods Aerial Banner Photo Are You My Daddy?

TMZ.com reported early Sunday that Long Island-based National Sky Ads is behind the banner. Company Owner Ted DeReeder told TMZ that two banners were ordered back in April but would not reveal who was behind commissioning the aerial signs. A second banner will also reportedly fly over Pebble Beach later today.

This is the second time Woods has been confronted with an aerial banner at a high profile pro golf tournament. Multiple sky signs mocking the golfer were seen during The Masters at Augusta National golf course in April.

Tiger Woods US Open Banners Flown By Same Company That Mocked Mack Brown

Interestingly, this isn’t the first controversial sports banner flown by DeReeder’s company. Texas football fans can attest to that. Read more…