Fan Challenges Cops To Game Of Taser, Loses

When going to watch your favorite baseball team in an opposing team’s stadium, there are a couple things to keep in mind as an away fan. If you’re wearing your team’s jersey, expect to be heckled. Your reaction to the heckling determines whether you’ll have a fun time or end up with a beer spilled on you or worse. It’s generally a good idea to keep the massive drinking down to a minimum as well - if the home team’s fans are famously hostile, you’ve gotta keep your head on a swivel, just in case. Stay aware of these things and you’ll have a great time in any city, even if your team’s the enemy.


These helpful guidelines unfortunately come a day late for one Texas Rangers fan who attended last night’s A’s-Rangers game in Oakland. Being drunkenly belligerent to the home team’s fans is asking trouble in and of itself - taunting Oakland fans is always a dicey proposition. But taunting the police who show up to escort you from the premises? Yep, that’s a Tasing.

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The Man Is Against Squirt Guns And Naked Teens

Seniors in high school are facing the last few months of life as a worthless teenager held down by the shackles of parental oppression. After they graduate from high school, they will move on to a life of being a worthless adult held down by the shackles of The Man and the banality of this existence that we call life. Of course, at this time the student’s are also finding themselves suffering from a sort of cabin fever. There’s a whole world out there waiting for them, yet for a few more weeks they’re stuck listening to Mr. Stuckey yammer on about the importance of the Periodic Table of Elements.

Don’t rob these young Ohians of their boyhood dreams

So these students must find ways to set themselves free, and for many of them across the country, particularly Ohio, they’ve resorted to the game of Senior Tag. Basically Senior Tag is a game were students align themselves into teams and then run around town shooting each other with squirt guns. It’s all good, wholesome fun except in some cases. Turns out the police in Ohio aren’t big fans of the rule that says a player can’t be eliminated if they’re naked.

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