Terrelle Pryor’s Cars: Same As Clarett ‘04 Claim?

Jill Riepenhoff of the COLUMBUS DISPATCH reported Sunday, “three times in the past three years, Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor was stopped for traffic violations while driving cars that were owned by a car salesman or a Columbus used-car lot where the salesman worked.

Terrelle Pryor: Athlete-Student

More from Riepenhoff:

Pryor told The Dispatch last night that he borrowed cars from the dealership only when his own was in for repairs. As for the SUV he borrowed in 2008, Pryor said, “I wanted advice from some of my family and friends I trusted to see if it would be a good vehicle for me to maybe buy.”

Pryor’s situation is remarkably similar to a 2004 ESPN The Magazine story in which Maurice Clarett claimed he was facilitated “loaner” vehicles by a local Columbus car dealership thanks to his status as a star Buckeye football player - with Ohio State coach Jim Tressel himself overseeing the transactions.

Maurice Clarett

(Guess who else beat Michigan, Terrelle?)

On Nov. 10, 2004, Tom Friend wrote in the ESPN publication: Read more…