Mike Leach: New 2010 Lubbock Phonebook Cover

The 2010 Lubbock phone book that hit doorsteps today features a cover photo of Mike Leach:

Mike Leach Cover 2010 Lubbock Phonebook

Only thing worse for Texas Tech administration would be to see Leach’s attorney’s kisser on the back cover.

Mike Leach Attorney Ted Liggett After Leach Firiing

Oh god no…

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Video: ‘Shed’, ‘Electrical Closet’ At Texas Tech

KCBD-TV in Lubbock has video of the “shed” and “electrical closet” where Adam James was held at Mike Leach’s direction during Texas Tech practices two weeks ago.

Video of Texas Tech shed

The shed actually looks to be a modern equipment garage replete with ice maker and ventilation. (And it’s December.) The “electrical closet“? Actually a room where media conducts interviews with players in front of an AT&T advertising banner.

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