Video: Outrage Over “Racist” Pro Basketball Ad?

The MELBOURNE HERALD-SUN has Andrew Webster of THE DAILY TELEGRAPH reporting on a, “CONTROVERSIAL television commercial portraying a Sydney Kings basketball player hopping into bed with a married couple has been branded as racist and in appalling taste.”

NBL ad branded racist

(Watch the ad below)

More from Webster:

The offensive ad has outraged African American legends of the game and thrown the National Basketball League into turmoil on the eve of its first game.

The ad has been on high rotation on Ten’s One HD but outraged several black former NBL stars at the league’s recent Hall of Fame dinner held in Melbourne.

Apparently “nuzzle” is a more subjective term than previously thought as the player in the ad, former Winthrop University player Taj McCullough, never touches the woman and is only on-screen for two seconds.

But evidently there is some context that is causing some black former NBL players to blanche at the ad. Read more…