Berman’s Booger Eating Now Closed To The Public

If you’d rather catch up on your laundry and clean out the cat box than see Terrell Owens primping in the ladies room, listen to Kevin Costner sing for an hour, rub elbows with the owner of the L.A. Clippers, and hear about Chris Berman flying on private planes, I have great news.

Chris Berman Topless On The Beach

(Apparently this gentleman (left) caught up on his laundry before last weekend)

Arash Markazi of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has the 411 on all the Super Bowl parties last week worth avoiding. In other words, he has the 411 on all the Super Bowl parties.


Marquis Jet Party:

Chris Berman presided over the festivities, which meant they kept a half-dozen dry, pressed Hawaiian shirts under the bar for quick changes every quarter hour.

Chris Berman sweaty

Markazi notes that during the party, Berman told partygoers that he “has been flying on private planes for the past five years.

Berman now doesn’t fly commercial? I wonder if an eyewitness noting that he picked his nose (and ate it) while flying commercial has anything to do with it.

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