Hide The Baby Mamas! TMZSports.com Is Coming

I’ve recently learned that Warner Bros. and TMZ mastermind Harvey Levin will soon be starting a sports-only website called TMZSports.com (parked), to launch sometime in the next couple months.  The content will be akin to TMZ’s entertainment site - but for sports. I’ve also been told that the site was planned well before the Tiger Woods scandal, so the timing of the pending launch is fortuitous to say the least.

TMZ Sports Owned By Warner Bros./Telepictures

(Warner Bros. > Telepictures > TMZSports.com)

In what probably isn’t a coincidence, TMZ’s sports gossip site will go online almost immediately after Warner Bros. takes over complete control of the TMZ franchise from AOL. While TMZ.com is contractually obligated to remain as part of AOL.com for another year, that might not apply to TMZSports.com.

With that in mind, I don’t know if TMZSports.com will be formally associated with AOL’s Fanhouse sports site, but considering that TMZ.com will be making a clean break from AOL at the end of 2010, I would tend to doubt it.

When it comes to staffing, as TMZ.com lists no contributors, I would assume that TMZSports.com will be no different. I personally have heard nothing on who will be involved in content production.

Dwight Howard's Baby Mama Drama Soon Coming To TMZSports.com?

(Quick, throw her in the closet … DO IT NOW.)

So why is Levin is starting TMZSports.com? If you have to ask that question, this must be your first visit to SbB.

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