Now We Know How Caesar Survived As Lions Fan

Elizabeth Rubin of TIME Magazine reports in a profile of current United States Secretary of Defense Robert Gates:

Robert Gates on stress of being Texas A&M football fan

We’d been talking about the stress of congressional hearings, the burden of sending young men and women to war, and just as our conversation was drawing to a close, Gates said, “I always used to tell people that Texas A&M football caused me more stress than any job I’ve ever had. And they always thought I was exaggerating.” I expressed disbelief, but he stood by the statement.

I’ve always said that ordering millions of Americans to risk their lives in two separate Central Asian military endeavors was a great stress reliever. (Remember, Caesar was a Lions fan.)

Then again, A&M fans have always been legend for unfailing resolve in combating undue ingestion of stress.

TAMU Fan picks his nose and eats it

Sweet relief! (Tissue?)

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