T.O.’s Finally Frank About Buffalo: … “*Sigh*” …

SportsRadioInterviews.com listens to Buffalo sports radio so we don’t have to. And it has the first non-press-conference-pap comments from Terrell Owens about the Bills sign.

Terrell Owens Buffalo Bills Wig

Or was that sigh?

SRI was just sent the first interview that TO did on local radio in Buffalo. It was with The Shredd and Ragan Show on WEDG in Buffalo.

What did you think when your agent said Buffalo?

(7 second pause followed by TO repeating question, followed by four more seconds of dead air) “At that point in time I was just going up there to have a meeting and I thought that was just going to be the start of the process of trying to find me a team. From that standpoint, once I got there I was very excited with the coaching staff, I met with the head coach and one thing kind of just happened after another.”

Sounds like WR-speak for “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

But that wasn’t the best part of the interview. At least for the Hollywood Knights DVD-owner in your life. Read more…