Mark Sanchez, Hilary Rhoda Now Actually an Item?

When it comes to being a rookie quarterback in the NFL, there are always a lot of questions about whether you’re going to make it in the league. For every Peyton Manning that comes a long, there are a hundred Ryan Leafs, so the odds of success are pretty stacked against you. There’s also the pressure of the fact that when you’re drafted in the first round you’re generally seen as a franchise savior.

Of course, being the quarterback also has its advantages. Particularly the fact that good-looking women always want to go out with you. Tom Brady has Gisele Bundchen, Tony Romo has Jessica Simpson, and now even though he hasn’t played a single snap in the NFL, Mark Sanchez has already landed his first supermodel. Earlier this week, we went over Sanchez’s recent photo shoot for GQ with model Hilary Rhoda, and it turns out he got to bring home more than the clothes he wore in the shoot.

Sanchez and Rhoda are now dating.

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