So Why Can’t We Smoke For Kiddo Charity Too?

By now you may know about the commemorative bourbon being produced by Maker’s Mark that salutes Kentucky football coach Rich Brooks - and raises money for a kids-related charity.

Rich Brooks Bourbon

(Like you thought Orson wouldn’t weight in?)

I’m certainly no prude, and I do love my bourbon. (Though I much prefer the downstream Woodford Reserve.) But isn’t strange that we’re using booze sales to raise money for a kiddie cause?

I lived in the South for many, many years. When I was in North Carolina, I recognized how important the tobacco biz was to the state. Likewise booze in Kentucky.

We all also recognize the perils of alcohol and tobacco consumption, so why drag kids into a promotion quite obviously designed to promote a brand of alcohol?

What’s the difference between that and say, Coach K. in Durham partnering with Camel for a children’s cause? Or Winston-Salem-based Jim Grobe going the extra mile for Winstons - on behalf of the kiddos at Wake Forest?

Coach K. for Camel

There is no difference. Booze is every bit as bad for you as cigs, if not worse.

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