Deaf Buckeyes Fan Sues To Get Stadium Captions

This is hardly an earth-shattering thing to say but we’re in favor of equality for all sports fans. That’s not to say that, say, Missouri Tigers fans are equally valid people as, say, Kansas Jayhawks fans - that’d be ludicrous. Rather, we think that anyone with the money for a ticket should be able to attend a sporting event if they so choose. We’re populist like that.

Ohio State Buckeyes

(”Hey, I can’t hear what the PA is saying!”)

That means we’re all for things like wheelchair ramps and seating, elevators, and handicap-accessible bathrooms. We’re in favor of paratransit to and from games. We’d even throw our support behind something like gluten-free options at concession stands. But we’ve got to draw the line somewhere, and we think we’ve found it. A hearing-impaired Ohio State fan is suing the university to force them to provide closed captioning of sporting events on video and score boards. We’d yell at him about this but…well, you know.

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