Kiffin Cuts Presser Short Amidst Angry Students

Lane Kiffin’s farewell press conference in Knoxville was a bizarre scene, starting 30 minutes late and lasting barely 60 seconds (:66!). He thanked no UT-related personnel by name and took no questions.

Lane Kiffin Protest Sign

(”Go Home Traitor! It’s Time.”)

Just outside the media room was this angry throng of students with a sign that read, “Go home traitor! It’s time.


Dozens of students and fans marched into the Neyland-Thompson Sports Complex on Tuesday night chanting obscenities at Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin, who was informing his players about his departure to Southern California.

The crowd then moved to an office area where an impromptu press conference was being held for Kiffin.

Police were called to quell the crowd, which calmed down once officers arrived.

The crowd eventually became rowdy and were asked to disperse without incident.

At least one obscene sign has already popped up on the UT-Knoxville campus. Photo after the jump.

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