Video: Streaker Broke 3 Tackles At Football Game

Last Friday night at the B.C. Lions-Montreal Alouettes Canadian Football League game in Vancouver, a nude streaker got loose on the field and proceeded to juke through six security guards before finally being dragged down.

Canadian Football League Streaker Video


So what were the consequence of the gentleman’s actions? A stadium ban but no criminal charges.

The streaker facing a ban from Empire Field won’t face criminal charges, according to Vancouver police.

The man now faces a ban from future Lions games, but escaped possible indecent exposure and mischief charges.

Canadian Football League Streaker

“We gave that person some advice on future conduct and basically told him to put on his clothes and get out of here,” said VPD spokesperson Const. Jana McGuiness. “To criminally charge someone is a really big step. It seems like a bit much.” Read more…