Strasburg Baseball Card Going For Over $10,000

The baseball card world is currently fixated on an insane Ebay auction of a Stephen Strasburg baseball card.

Stephen Strasburg Rookie Card Bids Over $10,000 sets the scene:

One of the greatest auctions for a modern baseball card in history is currently underway on eBay as we speak. What should make this auction especially fascinating is that it could literally sell for $9,000 or $29,000. Usually, the majority of bids made on a card come in the last 10-15 minutes!

It is becoming clear that 2010 Bowman (full set) might be the best pound for pound product in the history of American sports cards. There have already been 10 recorded $1,000+ card sales on eBay, with alteast an additional 200 sales of over $100. All this from a product that came out 10 days ago with a pack price of $4!

The bidding for the Strasburg card, which is one of a kind, now stands over $10,000 after 50+ bids. Initially, the asking price for the card was set at $20,000 or best offer. After 31 offers were turned down, the card was relisted as a reserve-auction.

If the bidding seems high for a guy who has never pitched in the bigs, it’s because it is. Read more…