$3.8M Of Stimulus Bill To Save OLD Tiger Stadium

Just when you thought the forthcoming goverment economic stimulus seems to be above the board, digging into the funds finds a pretty ridiculous earmark. According to the Detroit development blog MODEL D, a full $3.8 million in the congressional spending bill will go directly to the Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy, a group dedicated entirely to making sure they don’t tear down Tiger Stadium, even though it’s not used as a stadium.

old tiger stadium again

($4M of your tax dollars to preserve this. What about Shea Stadium?)

There’s a raging debate about whether part of the government’s massive economic stimulus package should be used to help save stadium projects aimed at giving teams a new home. The theory is that those construction projects will provide good jobs and resuscitate business in oft underused areas. All of that’s valid for stadiums that will be built. But this is a money for a stadium that’s already been built, and left, by its team. And that team isn’t coming back any time soon.

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Stimulus Bill’s Stadium Ban Mysteriously Erased

With the economy in the toilet, it sure looks good when local governments shell out 80 million billion dollars (number may not be accurate) on new sports stadiums, doesn’t it? For a brief moment last week, it looked like the era of publicly funded stadiums had screeched to a halt. But in the dead of night, some mysterious figure made sure that your tax dollars will still be going toward hot tubs in New Yankee Stadium.

Stadium Construction

The senate version of the stimulus bill included an amendment specifically banning any of the money from going toward stadium construction. But by the time the legislation made it to President Obama’s desk, the wording had changed; the amendment was out. And there’s nothing stopping that trillion dollars from paying for your local arena, rather than the billionaire owners.

Who killed the stadium amendment? Let’s investigate, after the jump.

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