Steve Spurrier’s Birthday Suit At The Gym (NSFW)

Not at my workplace.

Steve Spurrier In His Birthday Suit (NSFW)

(Everybody wants to be a Southwest Baggage Handler these days)

Photo is from a piece by Travis Haney of the CHARLESTON (SC) POST & COURIER this week about how Spurrier, who turned 65 today, is still getting a lift in at the University of South Carolina weight room.

“When I was in my 40s, I never thought I’d coach into my 60s. But now, shoot, I feel better than I did when I was 45.”

In the story, we get waaay too much detail on the coach’s actual workout. Want to be like Steve on the treadmill?

The speed is set to 4 1/2 miles an hour, with a slight incline. It’s essentially as fast as you can walk without jogging.

Thankfully, Spurrier punches up the piece by doing the inevitable: Throwing his quarterback Stephen Garcia under the bus for no good reason.

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