Steve McNair Tribute Draws ‘Em In The Thousands

It’s perhaps fitting that after a full-court press that detailed every grisly, sordid detail of the man’s life, This Week In Steve McNair Coverage will wind down on a more uplifting note. Specifically, the thousands of fans who turned out in Nashville outside of a funeral home to pay tribute to the ex-Titans star, who was gunned down, police say, in a murder-suicide by girlfriend Sahel Kazemi.

There was plenty of pomp and circumstance this afternoon, and also traffic jams and TV helicopters, during the first of two planned events. After the visitation, a memorial service will be held tonight at Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Titans owner Bud Adams and Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen are expected to attend. Former teammate Derrick Mason and Titans coach Jeff Fisher are scheduled to speak. Read more…

Kazemi’s Ex-Boyfriend Wrote Rap About A Murder

As if this story needed any more surreal twists, Sahel Kazemi’s former boyfriend, Keith Norfleet, wrote and performed a rap song about killing an older man with a handgun about four months ago. NASHVILLE CITY PAPER uncovered the song on Tuesday, in which Norfleet, an aspiring rapper who goes by the name of KaNe, raps about guns, putting a clip in someone’s mouth, and telling an older man, “you’ll die, I promise.” The state medical examiner has said that it’s likely Kazemi orchestrated the murder-suicide of herself and her boyfriend, ex-Titans quarterback Steve McNair, but police are not yet ruling out any possibilities.

Keith Norfleet Photo Sahel Kazemi's Ex-Boyfriend Steve McNair Mistress

(Keith Norfleet and his ex-girlfriend, Sahel Kazemi)

The rap, entitled “Closed Casket,” was downloaded onto on Feb. 2, which is after Kazemi and McNair began their relationship. Norfleet voluntarily talked to police the day after the shootings, and is not considered a suspect. But he has admitted being in the Nashville condo the day of the tragedy, saying that he was looking for Kazemi. Link to “Closed Casket” below. Read more…

Police: Gun At McNair Murder Scene Was Kazemi’s

The gun that was found at the Steve McNair homicide scene had been purchased by Sahel Kazemi, the woman with whom he was having an affair and who was found dead with him in his condo, Nashville police just confirmed. Although other theories are still on the table, according to police, the possibility of a murder-suicide is emerging as the more likely scenario. At this point, however, is it wise to assume anything in the case that blurs the line between real life and film noir?

Sahel Kazemi Photo Steve McNairs Girlfriend Photo

Kazemi’s nephew, Farzin Abdi, has said earlier that police are “almost certain” that Kazemi was the shooter, and that she had purchased the handgun that was found beneath her body at the scene. Police would not say that publicly until just moments ago, however. And that gives credence to the most likely scenario of all — jilted lover, who had expected her boyfriend to divorce his wife and marry her, snaps when he gets cold feet and tells her it’s over. Crime fiction wouldn’t exist without this staple; Greek Tragedy, indeed. Read more…