Bag Krag: Site Demanding Demise Of Kragthorpe

Clear evidence Louisville football fans might have a little too much time contemplating their disdain for head coach Steve Kragthorpe. Introducing the website

Bag Krag Steve Kragthorpe Website Demanding His Demise

(From the folks who brought you Bobby Bowden-branded colostomy bags)

I have nothing to add …

Bag Krag Steve Kragthorpe Website Demanding His Demise

… except to say that it appears to be catching on.

Louisville: Erin Andrews ‘Hubba Hubba’ Post Fake

Louisville football coach Steve Kragthorpe did not write “Hubba Hubba” on his Twitter feed in reference to the Erin Andrews hotel peephole video, says the University of Louisville. It was sent from a fake Twitter account. And now U of L spokesman Rocco Gasparro has a message to all fake Twitterers: You realize of course, this means war.

Steve Kragthorpe Erin Andrews

Louisville wants all fake Twitter accounts involving its university nuked, including those of faux Kragthorpe, Rick Pitino and athletic director Tom Jurich. How they would accomplish this isn’t immediately clear — short of the Tony La Russa option, of course. Read more…