Bosh Says Stephen A. Smith’s Pants Are On Fire

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith caused quite an uproar on Monday when he said that Chris Bosh could be traded before the NBA’s deadline on February 19th because not only are the Raptors a putrid 19-30, but because Bosh had already told the Raptors there was no way he was staying in Toronto after his contract expired next season. You can see the video of Smith’s report here. Now what Smith didn’t do is say who his sources for Bosh’s admission to the team were. Maybe it was the cheese doodles?

Now as you’d expect, the Raptors weren’t very happy about Smith’s report, seeing as how they were proclaiming that Bosh had never said anything of the sort to the team, and they weren’t about to trade the centerpiece of their franchise. Now Bosh himself is coming out and saying that he’s never told the team he plans on leaving after next season, and basically that Smith is making the whole thing up.

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