I’m With Vince And C-Mott, Welcome To Sixburgh!

The only two most entertaining items I’ve seen this week come from Don at MONDESI’S HOUSE (via WITH LEATHER) and Chris Mottram at THE SPORTING BLOG.

Steelers Shamwow Featuring Vince

(For the drooling, knuckle-dragging Steeler fan in your life)

First, about the only things I watch these days on TV is Adult Swim and infolessmercials. So I feel confident in saying that Vince from ShamWow!™ is rapidly gaining on Billy Mays as the premiere stealer of the elderly and infirmed’s money pitchman of late night TV. In fact, this limited (2) Steelers-themed “Terrible ShamWow!™” might just put him over the top!

Girls Gone Wild Shamwow

(So THAT’s the connection)

Darren Rovell at CNBC recently scored the biggest get of Super Bowl week by landing a sitdown with Magnon-jawed one. The best part of the visit comes when Vince reveals his inspiration for the Shamwow infomercials: Girls Gone Wild! (No, it had nothing to do with unsightly leakage.)

Yeah, it’s hard to imagine anyone topping that priceless piece of commemorative merch, but I think Mottram’s Super Bowl-related item at TSG somehow eclipsed the Terrible Shamwow. Read more…