Some Doubt About Stafon Johnson ‘Full Recovery’

All of us want Stafon Johnson to fully recover from his tragic weightlifting accident suffered on Monday morning. 99 percent of the media coverage of his ordeal has trumpeted that he’ll eventually make a complete recovery and be back playing football at USC soon enough.

Stafon Johnson Injured In Weightlifting Accident

But there is a tiny minority that isn’t so sure about Johnson’s total recovery and return to football. That minority includes Jim Wyzard, a doctor (per AOL’s Brian Grummell) who runs’s USC blog.

In a Tuesday post, Wyzard notes that “after talking to a few MD’s I work with here in NYC“, he doesn’t “hold out much hope” that Johnson will ever play football again. Read more…

Will Stafon Johnson Get Extra Year Of Eligibility?

Since this was Stafon Johnson’s last year of eligibility at USC, and we’ve now heard there’s a good chance he’ll make “full recovery”, the question is, will he be able to play for the Trojans next year?

 Stafon Johnson Injured In Weightlifting Accident

(Johnson has exhausted eligibility, will NCAA grant him another year?)

Ben Malcolmson of USC’s official football blog has potentially good news on that front tonight, reporting that the school’s compliance office determined today that Johnson indeed has the “potential of getting an extra year of eligibility because of a medical hardship.”

Since Johnson played in at least 30 percent of the team’s games this season and then suffered a season-ending injury, he meets the official criteria to apply for an extra year of NCAA eligibility. Read more…