Video: 20 Football Players Attack Fans In Stands

A bizarre melee broke out between players and fans Saturday in Hamilton, Ontario, as the Hamilton Hurricanes hosted the Montreal-based St. Leonard Cougars in a college-age junior league club game.

Canadian Football Players Go Into Stands To Attack Fans Video

In the final moments of the Ontario Football Conference playoff game, up to 20 St. Leonard players were seen on video attacking fans in the stands at Ivor Wynne stadium.

Paul Morse and Larry Moko of the HAMILTON SPECTATOR described the scene:

Raw, unaired footage of the violence caught on camera by a local cable TV station shows St. Leonard players climb into the stands behind their bench and battle with Hurricane fans in a vicious and protracted melee in the dying seconds of Saturday night’s Ontario Football Conference semifinal playoff game.

At one point, a player in a Cougars jersey smashes a black plastic milk crate down onto the head of a fan. Moments later, groups of players swarm other spectators. Fans fight back and gang up on one player, who gets away by pulling out of his football jersey.

In one struggling, swinging knot, a Cougars player delivers a devastating blow that knocks a fan out cold. Seconds later, the cameras catch a Cougar raise his cleated foot and stomp down full force on a downed fan.

With the appalling scene caught on video, it isn’t unreasonable to think that some of the players could be facing criminal charges. But for now, the Hamilton Police is doing its best to avoid charging the St. Leonard players with anything.

Hamilton Detective Sergeant Glenn Bullock:

“We are currently not actively investigating any offences. We did make contact with one particular person who was identified as being injured as a result of the fight after the game in the stands. That person has not registered a formal complaint with police.

“Yes, there was a disturbance in the stands, and, yes, the two teams playing on the field did become involved somehow, but in terms of the depth of criminality, it’s not to any great degree … that we are aware of.

“There were no serious injuries that we are aware of.”

That doesn’t mean that St. Leonard is completely in the clear, as Hamilton Police reserve the right to reopen the case if a formal complaint against the players is lodged. But it is rather astonishing that absolutely nothing may come from the actions of St. Leonard players.

So why are the cops taking such a hands-off approach?

Two reasons. Read more…