Brandi Chastain’s Bra Held Up in Bankruptcy Court

When you hear the name Brandi Chastain, one indelible & memorable image undoubtedly comes to mind:

Brandi Chastain bra

As you sit and stare at the snapshot above, you’re probably thinking, “Hey, I wonder what ever happened to Brandi’s sports bra? Surely a garment of such historic sports magnitude must be proudly on display in one of our nation’s many majestic museums!” (Or you’re more likely thinking, “Dude! She took off her shirt! Sweet!”)

Well, Brandi’s bra was a mighty museum memento for a while, but not anymore. So where is it now?

Answer: In a storage facility in New Jersey.

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Heisman Homeless As Sports Museum Shuttered

The Heisman Trophy has become an itinerant worker the last few years. After 9/11, the Downtown Athletic Club sent its baby ’round to various venues for the ceremony.

Eventually, the DAC settled on a deal with the brand-new Sports Museum of America in Lower Manhattan last year to give it a proper home and a job as unofficial greeter and legitimizing force for the museum.

Heisman Trophy

(If it’s okay, could the Heisman stay with you just for a few days?  You know, till it gets back on its sturdy base.)

Unfortunately, the DAC’s bronze buddy couldn’t stiff-arm financial troubles for the Sports Museum of America, which reported cutbacks in December. Now the museum has apparently gone under, closing shop overnight and dropping its Web site off the face of the Internet in the last day.
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