Old Sports Media, Where It’s Always Opposite Day

I worked in the main sports media world for 16 years, where I’m delighted to report that opposite day is every day.

Chris Berman The Emperor Has No Clothes, Hair

(ESPN’s Emperor, regrettably, has no clothes)

It’s a world where networks like ESPN, which is joined at the hip financially with all the major sports leagues, pretends to cover those leagues objectively.

It’s a world where sportscasters like Jim Gray and Chris Berman get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but Angelina Jolie doesn’t.

(Sports media opposite day even somehow infects Hollywood!)

It’s a world where Bud Selig, perhaps the most dishonest and disingenuous commissioner in the history of pro sports, is never confronted with his lies and mismanagement of MLB by on-air employees of bought-off outlets.

It’s a world where ESPN refuses to extensively cover perhaps the highest profile case of cheating in NCAA football history - Reggie Bush’s family being paid off while he was at USC - because a competitor, YAHOO SPORTS, broke the story first. (And what’s bad for USC football is bad for ESPN’s revenues.)

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush

(Off limits: Athlete making a$$ of himself with famewhore)

It’s a world where Mark Cuban calls for certain sports blogs to be “blacklisted” by ESPN(?) because he claims they make up rumors. Yet longtime NBA writers like Sam Smith and Peter Vecsey have made careers at “traditional” media outlets by fabricating stories. Stories that Cuban himself has often claimed were lies. (Not to mention Cuban lying to reporters about material news concerning his own team.)

It’s a world where Cuban also thinks it would be great if “traditional” newspaper beat writers were paid by the clubs they cover. Read more…