NBA Ditches McDonalds, Quiero Taco Bell Instead

For the past 20 years, there have been few sport & sponsor partnerships as strong as that of McDonald’s and the NBA. Both are historically American brands that grew dramatically worldwide over the past couple decades. The partnership resulted in some enduring advertising images of NBA stars chowing down on Mickey D’s foods. The two just seemed to go together.

LeBron Taco Bell

(Always a trendsetter)

But now, amidst this historically bad economic climate, the partnership has come to a close. The NBA and Taco Bell have announced a four-year agreement for the purveyor of wretched Mexican-themed “food” to serve as the official fast food sponsor of the NBA. It’s like David Stern is stomping all over my childhood TV commercial memories while wearing a sombrero.

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Golf’s Sponsorship Issues Not Limited To Singh

Yesterday we told you about Vijay Singh’s boneheaded refusal to remove the logos of financial fraudster and former sponsor Allen Stanford from his clothing, but Singh is not the only person having trouble finding new sponsorships in these tough economic times.

sad, really

(This is for you, golf.)

The entire sport of golf is suffering, and nowhere is that more on display than this weekend’s U.S. Open. Between economic hardship and populist anger, companies are having a tough time justifying tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to sponsor a sport already suffering from image problems in this recession.

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