Could SEC Jumping Gun Bog Down Mizzou Move?

As first noted by Clay Travis of, the Southeastern Conference accidently posted a live, viewable article available to users of its official website that announced the news that the University of Missouri had officially joined the SEC. The SEC’s official site also accidentally posted multiple other live, viewable Missouri-related articles that were produced in response to the move. Articles which have all since been removed.

SEC reports Missouri has joined conference prematurely on its own website

(SEC Accidently Posted This Announcement To Its Website)

The article announcing Missouri’s inclusion into the SEC was dated October 22, 2011, and featured this lede - before it was deleted:

Given the ever-changing conference paradigm over the past year, the Southeastern Conference has continued to demonstrate its commitment to maintaining its stature as one of the nation’s premier conferences by welcoming the University of Missouri as the league’s 14th member, Commissioner Mike Slive announced Monday.

Missouri joins Texas A&M University as the league’s two new institutions who will begin full membership on July 1, 2012. It is the first expansion of the SEC membership since Arkansas and South Carolina joined the conference in 1992.

At the time of this writing, the top search result for “Missouri-Joins-The-SEC” on the conference’s official site still listed a link to the now-deleted page that announced Mizzou’s inclusion into the league:

SEC reports Missouri has joined conference prematurely on its own website

The search result also shows the original article as “Updated 10/22/2011.

Oct. 22, 2011, of course was last Saturday, with the “Monday” referenced in the lede of the SEC piece coming on Oct. 24, 2011. (You can read the complete text of that article, and the other Mizzou-related pieces at

In the aftermath of its monumental goof, the SEC has yet to comment on the mistake.

Below is a screen shot of the complete, aforementioned Missouri announcement prematurely posted by the SEC’s digital content staff:

SEC reports Missouri has joined conference prematurely on its own website

The content of all the articles has since been removed from the SEC’s website though many of the same web page addresses containing the Mizzou news - along with the original headlines - remain available via the conference website’s search function.

SEC reports Missouri has joined conference prematurely on its own website

The preparation that went into the SEC’s presentation of the Missouri articles for its official website, stories that followed an official announcement post dated Oct. 22, 2011, indicates a high level of confidence from the conference that a deal between the league and the school would soon be done.

But as of Oct. 28, 2011, no such deal is yet in place, perhaps making the other members of the Big 12 wonder if Missouri dealt with them in good faith throughout what is still an attempted move to the Southeastern Conference.

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The SEC Is Just a Plain Mess At Referee Anymore

The evidence continues to collect against the Florida Gators’ comeback win against Arkansas this past weekend. While it takes a delusionally paranoid partisan to think that referees this incompetent could actually swing a game in one team’s favor and get away with it, Arkansas certainly received no favors.

Arkansas Florida Personal Foul
(This was a crucial personal foul call. On the guy on the left, of course; it’s not like the Florida player was trying to hit him or anything.)

But as referee calls seem to skew evermore toward the power programs of the SEC, casual fans can’t help but question exactly where the SEC’s priorities lie. Video evidence? Oh, there’s plenty of it.

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Why Is SEC Whitewashing Tebow’s Concussion?

Certainly, anybody who was watching football last Saturday afternoon and evening was made aware - repeatedly - of the nasty concussion Tim Tebow suffered at the hands of Kentucky defensive end Taylor Wyndham. We watched the replays, in regular and slow motion, of the back of Tebow’s head crashing into his lineman’s knee, knocking the famed quarterback out cold. That all, y’know, happened.

Tim Tebow Injury Update

Someone may want to tell the SEC that we all remember it, though, because the conference is seemingly on a mission to wipe any and all mentions of said horrific injury (and subsequent vomiting and hospitalization) from the record. It was just a “big hit”; that’s all.

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SEC Figures It All Out: You Don’t Own Your Ticket

After first placing mammoth, arcane restrictions on digital media and other accounts of their football games last week, the SEC announced a few days ago that they were “reviewing” policies. Good news, to be sure, but strictly dependent on a subsequent overhaul of practices, otherwise the review’s just empty words.

Tennessee Fans
(If those pompoms get Internet service then the SEC’s going to be mighty concerned, boys, mighty concerned indeed.)

Well, the final - FINAL, people! - fan policy has just been released by the SEC, and as you can imagine, it’s full of great news and sorry for that misunderstanding earlier, their lawyers had a momentary spasm of unbelievable prickishness, is all.

Ohhh wait, just kidding. You’re strictly under their thumb and you’ll like it.

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Manny Being Booed By Bonds-Loving Giants Fans

• Suspected steroid abuser Manny Ramirez gets a rude reception from San Francisco Giants fans - the same Giants fans who were so passionate in supporting suspected steroid abuser Barry Bonds.

Manny Ramirez Giants fan sign

• 49ers coach Mike Singletary makes a mountain out of a molehill, forcing QB Alex Smith to watch the rest of practice from high above.

Bobby Bowden would like to share his prostate problems with you.

• EA sports donates advanced copies of Madden 10 to a U.S. submarine crew who are shipping out before the game’s official release date.

• Would it really kill the NHL to let Jim Balsillie move the Phoenix Coyotes to Hamilton, Ontario?

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SEC Is Just Misunderstood With This New Policy

Recall the news yesterday that the SEC was planning massive restrictions on usage of things like highlights and, according to TECHDIRT, “memories.” These days, it’s part and parcel of any giant new digital media deal, but it’s all so 20th century all the same.

tebow sec title
(But how in the world are we supposed to genuflect before Tebow if most of the Internet can’t regularly use his likeness?)

After all, a ban on YouTube highlights? A 72 hour window to use highlights? Restrictions that only salaried media employees can cover SEC events? No twittering from the game, even from fans?! Heh… funny thing about that guys, you’d never guess; the SEC needs some time to tweak those rules just a tad.

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Dolphins Cheerleaders Unveil New Bikini Calendar

• A hip-hop remix of the team’s fight song by T-Pain can’t ruin the joy of the release of a new Miami Dolphins cheerleader bikini calendar.

Miami Dolphins cheerleaders

• The NFL preseason is underway, and Sunday’s opener was pretty uneventful - save for the most perfectly executed fake punt you’ll likely see.

• Another Michigan Wolverine is off the team. It has to be RichRod’s fault, and not that failed cocaine deal-turned-dorm arson attempt.

• Ohio State LB Tyler Moeller is out for the season after suffering seizures this past weekend.

• The SEC is turning into MLB when it comes to new rules of broadcasting highlights & online media of its games.

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Hope You Don’t Enjoy SEC Highlights On YouTube

One aspect of the SEC’s $2.25 billion deal with ESPN that, frankly, we all should have seen coming is the inevitable overprotection of the digital rights to the games and - more importantly - their highlights.

Florida Auburn kick

So with that in mind, try not to be too shocked that the SEC is going to keep their highlights to themselves. And we’re not talking about just online, either.

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Miss. State Brings Body Paint, Fellatio To Rivalry

On Tuesday, we brought you the story of Tennessee’s shirtless “Wild Boyz,” which sounds like the name of an “alternative” adult movie - and which looks like one, too. But despite the overwhelming shirtlessness of it all, it was still a bit, well, passive. It’s not an orgy if everyone’s just standing around; you need some action.

Mississippi State Shirtless Suck It
(But what if I don’t want to suck it?)

Fortunately, as you can see above, Mississippi State is upping the ante in the SEC. Sure, most people would balk at encouraging your rival to perform oral sex on you, especially since said rival has won 7 of the last 9 games and just got done ending your season with a 45-0 ass-kicking, but you know what? Mississippi State’s just going for it, man.

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• Buxom British model Katie “Jordan” Price is back on the scene, seeking to shag some soccer superstars.

Katie Price

• MLB instant replay: It shouldn’t be just for home runs anymore.

• SEC college football is coming to a TV set near you. Just try and stop it.

• Part 2 of Adam J’s expose on the Register’s Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa - complete with fun photos of good ol’ Midwestern folk.

• A Mets VP rips into a minor league team, taking off his shirt & calling one of the players a [vulgar term for a specific part of the female anatomy].

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