New Photos: JR Smith’s Limo Is Very, Very Smoky

Friday I published a photo currently featured as the background image (inset below) of Denver Nugget J.R. Smith’s Twitter account.

J.R. Smith South Beach Limo

(New, closer shot of Smith in limo)

Today I ran across a couple-three more photos of the same scene, which has been subject to much speculation on message boards and blogs since Smith first posted the background image in early October.

JR Smith Limo Photo: 18 Women

(Not shopped: Two different images as animated gif)

Though I can now officially confirm that the pics were taken during a trip by Smith with his brother Chris to South Beach in May, I have a feeling these new shots won’t do much to extinguish the already combustible conversation blazing about the NBA baller’s vacay. Read more…

More On Photo Of 18 Ladies In NBA Baller’s Limo

This photo of the inside of a limousine currently adorns the Twitter account of Denver Nugget J.R. Smith as its background image.

JR Smith Limo Photo: 18 Women

(How did Smith find them? Try his Twitter timeline sometime)

Smith put the image up the first week of October, and it’s just now starting to get some play around the web on various message boards and blogs.

So what’s the story behind the photo? Read more…