Drugs, STDs, Lies, Infidelity: Which Is It Dwyane?

The E! True Hollywood Story is starting to leak oil, witness the “Basketball Wives” offering aired last night. The episode revealed nothing new or of interest, except the inexplicable reaction of Dwyane Wade and Quentin Richardson to innocuous comments made about Wade by his former wife and high school sweetheart Siovaughn:

Dywane Wade Siovaughen Wade

(DWade can’t trot his wifey prop out for AT&T anymore)

Wade Tweeted about his wife being on the show: “Don’t Believe everything u read or hear. Thts all imma say about that. Ontothenexttopic.

Richardson: “Shouts out to my brow @dwadeofficial for taking the high road on a lot of foolishness!! I don’t know many who could handle things so well!!

The comments that Siovaughn made about her ex-husband on the show?

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