Scott Boras Possibly Not As Evil As Hitler Or Satan

So at about this time every year, right after the MLB Draft, Scott Boras emerges from his burrow, and if he sees his own shadow that’s another six months of negotiating with the No. 1 overall pick. In this case of course that would be San Diego State pitching prodigy Stephen Strasburg.

Scott Boras

Sure, Boras usually uses his powers for evil instead of good, and probably has various pizza delivery guys and meter readers hanging upside down in his basement, where he feeds on their blood. But in this case, for once, could we cut him some slack? Read more…

Prospect Turns Down $5M, Now Works At Costco

Now that Matthew Stafford has received the most guaranteed money of any NFL player in history — slightly more than Albert Haynesworth’s $40 million, sacks of cash more than anyone else, ever — it might be worth looking at one time the whole signing bonus culture didn’t work out for the prospect.

Matt Harrington

Matt Harrington was a can’t miss first round pick for the Rockies in 2000. But the nearly $5 million they offered him wasn’t enough. So he went back into the draft. Four more times. Each year for five years, Harrington was taken later and later, and offered less and less. And now?

He’s working in the auto department at Costco.

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