ESPN: LeBron Show May Cause ‘Violence’ In Ohio

With ESPN handing over an hour of airtime to LeBron James tonight, ESPN’s Shelley Smith reported on the same network this afternoon that in advance of the James-ESPN production “fear has given way to a rising anger” among Clevelanders and “there could be violence tonight” throughout the city.

Cleveland may riot over LeBron decision

Smith added that Cleveland police have bolstered downtown patrols in anticipation of any violence that could erupt in response to events playing out on the James-ESPN show.

James apparently foresaw what Smith is now reporting, having hired extra police officers to guard his Bath, Ohio, mansion in just the past week. More recently, today Bath police blocked off the street where James lives in anticipation of the LeBron-ESPN show.

Hard to believe that there would be civil unrest in Cleveland if James announced he was leaving to join the Heat. But knowing the way James has handled the decision, including the ESPN show that was first formulated on June 6 by the James camp, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me.


In advance of the LeBron-ESPN show, the CLEVELAND LEADER news outlet has suggested a massive “LeBronfire” in which Clevelanders would burn their Cavaliers gear if James announces on ESPN his intention to depart the city.

Tom Withers, an ASSOCIATED PRESS Sports Writer based in Cleveland, tweeted Thursday afternoon from Cleveland: Read more…

Thou Shalt Not Use Tebow’s Name In Vain Promos

• What Would Tim Tebow Do? Apparently sue you for using him as the basis for a minor league promotional night.

Tim Tebow with hot girls

(Saint Tebow with a pair of heavenly disciples - and before you ask, no, neither of them is Lucy Pinder)

Michael Vick makes his Philadelphia Eagles debut. Let the circus begin!

• Pass the earplugs: John Daly is in Nashville working on a studio album.

• Did Jessica Simpson place a curse on Tony Romo for trying to mack on her girlfriends?

• The Houston Texans are taking a strong stand against excessive alcohol consumption - by serving their gameday beers in smaller cups.

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ESPNer Smith Loses Credit For Huge USC Scoop?

Veteran ESPN reporter Shelley Smith, who has been covering USC football training camp here in L.A., was apparently the first to break the news today that true freshman Matt Barkley will be the starting QB for the Trojans a week from Saturday against San Jose State. (With Ohio State in Columbus looming on Sept. 12.)

Shelley Smith Scoop That Matt Barkley Will Be USC Starter In First Game

When I initially ran a search on the story, the above ESPN-sourced result was the very first to pop up - with Smith’s name attached. But when you clicked on THAT link to the story, mention of her had been removed. In fact, the account was from the ASSOCIATED PRESS.

What happened to Smith's scoop on

(What the? ESPN-sourced piece replaced by AP Story on


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Week In Review: Angels’ Adenhart Dies In Crash

• A very tough week for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Pitcher Nick Adenhart dies in a hit & run car accident caused by a drunk driver, just days after a fan dies from a post-game fight in an Angel Stadium stairwell.

Nick Adenhart Brian Powers

(Left - Nick Adenhart; Right - Fight victim Brian Powers)

Cheryl Miller wasn’t pleased that Scot Pollard was late for their NBA TV show, and she wasn’t afraid to use the airtime to air her grievances.

• ESPN reporter Shelley Smith takes a misstep at a Detroit bar during the Final Four.

• Fans fighting while their team’s championship banner is being raised, and booing while World Series rings are given out? Must be Philadelphia.

• A former Gonzaga women’s basketball star-turned-high school softball coach gets zagged for having sex with one of her 16-year-old players.

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Whoaaa Shelley! ESPNer Stumbles At Detroit Bar?

Last I saw ESPN reporter Shelley Smith in person, it was a few years ago at a cheeseball tourist bar called Saddleranch on Sunset Blvd. That night, she appeared to be flying solo, but in considerably better condition than this recent Youtube video of her. (At least it appears to be her.)

Shelley Smith Stumbles At A Bar

(Video via BUSTED COVERAGE - audio is NSFW)

The scene was shot a Detroit bar, where Smith is covering the Final Four. Read more…