Thank God Shannon Brown Brought His Parachute

Lakers gacked against the Mavericks last night, not that anyone will remember the game result in a few weeks.

Shannon Brown dunk against Mavericks

But Shannon Brown, for the second time already this season, did give us a reason to mark Halloween Eve, 2009. Read more…

Video: Shannon Brown Dunks Over Mikki Moore

I spent some time walking around Santa Monica Wednesday night, checking out the bars to see the interest in the Dodgers-Cardinals game. You probably won’t be surprised to find out that there were almost as many people watching the first Lakers preseason game as Round One @ The Ravine. That said, most of the bars were actually half-empty. Interest in the NLDS here is tepid at best, per the not-too-distant disappointments. There’ll be very little reax unless there’s an NLCS to be endeavored.

Shannon Brown dunks on Mikki Moore

(6-4 Shannon Brown Crowns 7-foot Mikki Moore)

Meanwhile, early-October Laker fans were duly rewarded by Shannon Brown’s astounding throwdown on Golden State’s Mikki Moore last night in the O.C.

Video after the jump. Read more…