NBA Lockerroom Soon To Include 2-Drink Minimum

Derek Fisher getting interviewed on the idiot box last night:

Shannon Brown nude video inside Lakers Lockerroom

You following me camera guy? (Needed Vince on that one.) Read more…

Thank God Shannon Brown Brought His Parachute

Lakers gacked against the Mavericks last night, not that anyone will remember the game result in a few weeks.

Shannon Brown dunk against Mavericks

But Shannon Brown, for the second time already this season, did give us a reason to mark Halloween Eve, 2009. Read more…

Video: Shannon Brown Dunks Over Mikki Moore

I spent some time walking around Santa Monica Wednesday night, checking out the bars to see the interest in the Dodgers-Cardinals game. You probably won’t be surprised to find out that there were almost as many people watching the first Lakers preseason game as Round One @ The Ravine. That said, most of the bars were actually half-empty. Interest in the NLDS here is tepid at best, per the not-too-distant disappointments. There’ll be very little reax unless there’s an NLCS to be endeavored.

Shannon Brown dunks on Mikki Moore

(6-4 Shannon Brown Crowns 7-foot Mikki Moore)

Meanwhile, early-October Laker fans were duly rewarded by Shannon Brown’s astounding throwdown on Golden State’s Mikki Moore last night in the O.C.

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HS Cheerleaders Can Pull Off Some Crappy Stunts

• A group of cheerleaders at a Texas high school sock it to a teammate by smearing human feces inside her locker.

Bring It On brown socks

• Does the Denver Broncos’ Brandon Marshall like to beat women?

• Every time a Laker visits Colorado, sex accusations are soon to follow.

Jeff Van Gundy is trying to stay objective in the broadcast booth, but he really wants his brother Stan to beat L.A.

• I know playing in the SEC is tough, but getting death threats from your own fans?

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Another Day, Another Laker, Another ‘Sex Incident’

Los Angeles was happier to finish off their series with Denver than you know. It seems every time a Laker goes to Colorado — BAM! — one of them goes on trial for something sexual. The latest is Shannon Brown, who’s being sued for what’s ominously called a “sex-related incident.”

Shannon Brown

The incident dates back to January, when Brown was with the Charlotte Bobcats on a road trip to Denver. Police investigated but declined to pursue charges, and the Lakers weren’t even informed of it when they traded for Brown. But as we’ve learned from another SoCal athlete, criminal cases and civil cases are two different things.

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