Bus Topples With Soccer Team On Top (w/ Video)

Brazilian soccer club Sertaozinho needed to celebrate, having just won promotion. Ticker tape parades being the logistical nightmares they are, off the players went on top of a sound truck through the city streets. Their only restraints were some side rails, a detail that never comes up unless something terrible happens.

(Shirtless Guy Who Doesn’t Even Flinch At The Crash, you are the runaway winner of the Creepiest Detail Award. Please accept your trophy in my nightmares.)

Surprisingly, putting over a ton of weight at the very top of a large vehicle tends to skew its center of gravity. Surprisinglier, the roads aren’t perfect in Sao Paulo. Surprisingliest, one dip in the road and the entire team was thrown off the top of the bus.

(Video of the Brazilian bus plunge after the break.)   Read more…