Serena Williams Topless Pic: Surf-Up, Top-Down

Serena Williams, who recently received a slap on the wrist $82,500 fine after threatening to kill a foot fault judge at the U.S. Open last summer, is current vacationing in Barbados. (Williams made $700,000 in earnings from that tournament alone.)

Serena Williams topless photo

Williams was sighted body-boarding by a long-lensed paparrazo when a wardrobe malfunction ocurred. Read more…

Adrian Peterson’s ESPN The Mag The Body Cover

The ESPN THE MAGAZINE “The Body Issue” Cover of a nude Adrian Peterson has been posted:

Adrian Peterson ESPN The Magazine Nude Cover


So we have a nude Serena Williams, topless Gina Carano, shirtless Dwight Howard and now Peterson.

ESPN The Mag Gina Carano Topless Cover Posted

Michael McCarthy of USA TODAY posts this extremely natural looking topless shot of Gina Carano for one of the six covers of ESPN THE MAGAZINE’s upcoming “The Body” Issue.

Gina Carano's Topless Shot For ESPN The Mag Cover

(A topless cover? Okay, that makes no sense)

Earlier today, I posted the Serena Williams fully-nude cover. That’s two of six covers. #3:

Dwight Howard Cover of ESPN The Magazine The Body Issue

Read more…

Serena Williams Gets ESPN The Body Issue Cover

An apparently fully nude Serena Williams is the cover athlete of ESPN’s ‘The Body’ Issue. This image was uploaded by ESPN public relations spokesperson Crystal Howard to Twitter this morning:

Serena Williams cover photo ESPN The Body Issue posted

Here’s the lineup of other athletes in the issue, including topless surfer Claire Bevilacqua and Joba Chamberlain!

And yes, I’ve confirmed that Danica Patrick is also in the issue. Read more…

Serena Williams Poses Nude; Vomit Bag Demand Unprecedented

SERENA WILLIAMS NUDE PHOTO REGRETTABLY SURFACES: LARRY BROWN SPORTS asks the (presumably rhetorical) question: “Are you excited about Serena Williams posing nude?”:

Serena Williams Nude Photo

Larry scares up the recently published nude photo of our favorite fashion designer and observes, “So, I’ve heard this met with conflicting opinion. Some people feel Serena is the sexiest being on Earth. They say she’s pretty, athletic, curvy, and toned. Others feel she is way too bulky*, muscular to the point of having a man’s body. You know, I could see the argument from both sides. I think Serena definitely has a cultural flavor to her. Especially if you like the bootay.”(* - FAT)

We like the bootay, too (see Vida Guerra photos in an earlier post today), but it appears SW might consider repping up on the nearest Hack squat sled.