Rex Ryan Sets Record for Hang Time on ‘Hannity’

As Rex Ryan is out promoting a new book, he’s been making the media rounds, including a recent booking on the FOX News show Hannity.

(Never Seen a Punt With a 7-Minute Hang Time? Here You Go!)

Since most of what we know about the New York Jets coach is his perspective on football and topics relating to the sport, which is already reported around the clock by sports media every day of the year, it figured to be a unique treat to see another side of Ryan on a show where the only topic is politics.

So what did I learn last night during Ryan’s seven minute interview with host Sean Hannity? Political football is a lot like NFL punt team coverage: hang time is everything.

Meanwhile, this is what happens when you outkick  your coverage.

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Video: Tuberville Picked Wrong Day To Be ‘Birther’

Tuesday morning Barack Obama released his long-form birth certificate, presumably to once-and-for-all silence the “Birther” movement.

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