Cops Catch Movie Steroid Dealer Selling The Juice

There’s something to be said for authenticity in film.  If you need a lost soul with quite a few wires haphazardly resoldered in his brain to play a pro wrestler, you hire Mickey Rourke.  And if you need a steroid dealer to sell to your wrestler in the movie, you hire a steroid dealer for the role.

Just don’t be surprised when your previously-convicted steroid dealer/actor (The Wrestler’s Scott Siegel) is trailed by the DEA and caught scooping up a package.  That’s just commitment to a role.

The Wrestler's Scott Siegel arrested


You are allowed to express shock, though, when he then allegedly leads police on an ill-advised chase that smashes three police cars, moves to a foot race, and then ends with the third event in the unofficial Sheriff John Bunnell triathlon: trying to break away from the cops once captured.
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