Moore’s Confusion: “I’ve Never Heard Cecil Talk”

Yesterday I reported that WZZN-FM radio host Scott Moore has recently touted on several major radio outlets in the past week the existence of audio “tapes” that could possibly further incriminate the Auburn football program and implicate the Tennessee football program with the NCAA.

WZZN 104.5 The Zone Huntsville Scott Moore

Of those tapes, allegedly owned by former Mississippi State players and current boosters John Bond and Bill Bell, Moore told WNSP-FM in Mobile last Friday:

“They’ve (Bond and Bell) got tapes that exist that has Cam Newton in the room with his dad talking about these deals. You have got him (Cam) present in the room while his dad (Cecil) is on the phone trying to shop his son around. That’s a fact.”

Subsequent to Moore’s numerous, remarkably detailed claims, a source who has spoken to both Bond and Bell about the so-called “tapes” confirmed to me that no tapes in their possession contain Cecil Newton’s voice. Bell has electronic audio file recordings of voicemail messages from Kenny Rogers and Bond has a copy of those files. Those voicemails contain no additional information or evidence that would further incriminate Auburn with the NCAA.

This morning Moore appeared on Cole Cubelic’s WZZN-FM morning show in Huntsville to once again discuss the “tapes.”

Less than a week after claiming as “fact” that Bond and Bell had tapes, that has Cam Newton in the room with his dad (Cecil Newton) talking about these deals,” Moore said today he had not authenticated the tapes allegedly in the possession of Bond and Bell.

Further, Moore verified on WZZN this morning that he has never actually heard Cecil Newton’s voice - despite Moore’s previous, repeated claims Cecil Newton’s voice was contained on the “tapes.”


“Did you hear Cecil Newton’s voice on the tapes?”

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Infamous M-State Tapes Do Not Include Newtons

In the past week a Huntsville, Alabama-based radio talk show host named Scott Moore has been touting the upcoming release of audio tapes he claims may further incriminate Cam and Cecil Newton and Auburn and Tennessee with the NCAA.

WZZN 104.5 The Zone Huntsville Scott Moore

(Moore confusion from Barrett Sallee of

Here’s a sampling of Moore talking about the “tapes” today on the Chuck and Chernoff Show on 680 The Fan in Atlanta:

“Is Cecil Newton shopping his son around on these tapes? The answer to that is, yeah, he is. … Cecil said that there are offers from Tennessee on there (on the tapes) and offers from Auburn. That’s according to Cecil Newton.

“Cecil’s shopping him around, and the sentiment there is, I believe we’ll be able to show and prove that Cam knew what was going on.

“What I’ve said is true, the tapes exist of Cecil shopping him around.”

On his own show on WZZN-FM in Huntsville last week, Moore said of the tapes:

“The bottom line is these numbers that we keep hearing about — this $150,000 offer from Tennessee, this $180,000 from Auburn — those came from Cecil Newton (to Rogers on the tapes). They didn’t come from Auburn or Tennessee, they came from Cecil Newton. He’s the one that said these offers were made to him.

“What I’ve heard is offers… (Newton) saying on these tapes that these offers were from Tennessee for $150,000 and a $180,000 offer from Auburn. I heard him say that, I’ve seen the text messages. And they exist, that’s the bottom line.”

Moore claims he acquired the tapes from former Mississippi State football players and current boosters John Bond and Bill Bell. It was Bond who first reported details of alleged impropriety involving Mississippi State’s recruitment of Cam Newton to the school’s athletic department.

Bell later reported to that former Mississippi State player Kenny Rogers contacted him on behalf of Cecil Newton in order to solicit Cam Newton’s football services to MSU as part of a pay-for-play scheme.

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PGA’s Moore Dumps Sponsors’ Logos And Clubs

You have to hand it to PGA golfer Ryan Moore. He may not be winning a lot of tournaments, but he’s performing with class. And, by doing so, he’s performing a lot better, too.

ryan moore no sponsors

(No PING, no problems.)

In his fourth year on tour, Moore — the former UNLV All-American and U.S. Public Links and U.S. Amateur champion — had been heavily sponsored by Ping since starting his professional career, but decided to stop using sponsored clothing and clubs this year to help him, “go back to playing golf because I loved playing golf.” As reported in USA TODAY, the results have been mixed, with Moore improving on the course while turning heads with his choice of apparel, whether the reviews are good or bad, as you can see from the quote below:

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‘Pansification’ Comment By Milbury Outrages Gays

For non-hockey fans, one of the biggest complaints about the sport has always been the propensity for fights to break out during the middle of a game. They say that fighting has no place in sports, and then no doubt turn around and drop $50 to watch UFC on pay-per-view. Let’s just face the facts here, people: humans like violence. We always have, and we always will. So let’s just get on with our lives, and if you don’t like fighting in hockey, then go watch water polo or something else.

I’m not the only one who feels this way, either. On Hockey Night in Canada — which is ironically televised in Canada — commentators Mike Milbury and Don Cherry have often shared their opinions on fighting as well. Milbury is fond of referring to the movement to ban fighting as the “pansification” of the sport. Now, when first hearing the term “pansification,” it seems rather harmless to me, but I’m not homo-sexual, because if I was, I’d apparently be outraged.

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