Science Throws A Curveball At The Curveball

One of the most bitter time-honored rivalries in professional sports doesn’t involve teams, players, or coaches. It rages in both New York and Boston but has very little to do with either the Yankees or Red Sox. I’m talking about the neverending argument between statistically-oriented baseball fans and old-school observers of the game; or, to put it another way, the basement-dwelling blogger versus the fat, bitter, henpecked mainstream media baseball writer.


Unfortunately for the old-school baseball gut-listening school, their side hasn’t won many battles of late, despite Scott Podsednik’s ability to somehow draw a major-league paycheck. Statistical analysis has become a way of life amongst the better baseball writers and nearly every baseball front office. Now, a new logic/science-based attack is being leveled at one of baseball’s most counterintuitive institutions, the curveball. The eggheads’ claim? That a thrown baseball doesn’t break abruptly like everyone thinks it does. Sacrilege!

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One Fourth Of Chinese Athletes Faked Their Ages

In news that shocks nobody, more evidence has come out that many of China’s young athletes have faked their ages. But this time, rather than allegations from the USOC or an investigative piece on Real Sports, the accuser is infallible. It’s science!

Chinese Gymnasts

Tests carried out by a provincial Chinese sports federation on the bones of 13,000 athletes found that 3,000 of them were older than their stated age. And since this is an official Chinese report, you know they’ll under-report it by a factor of ten. Therefore, I can say with complete certainty, that 300% of Chinese athletes lie about their age.

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