SbB Facebook Scoop Page Moved To New Address

I’ve fired up a Facebook account as an outlet for items you won’t see on Twitter or here.

Sports by Brooks on Facebook

The scoops are too long for Twitter but not long enough for a full post here.  So I’ve decided to use a Facebook fan page as an outlet for some of the juicy stuff I hear that might otherwise fall through the cracks. After starting with a profile page, we’ve moved to a fan page because of the unexpected number of friends requests. Here’s a link to the new page.

The new fan page contains the following items posted over the weekend:

  • A blind item about a high profile SEC assistant coach who is on the hot seat
  • Who was really responsible at UGA for Zach Mettenberger being kicked off the team
  • My thoughts on Ryan Mallett’s off-field issues being reported in the media
  • Al Davis’ dirty little secret
  • My reaction to the SbB haters emanating from Ole Miss, Auburn and Alabama
  • The latest on incessant media-driven rumors that B.C.G. is interested in the Wyoming job

Checkit homie.

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