Foul Ball Victim Escapes Gloveless Relationship

Remember the Astros fan who evacuated his date just as a smoked foul ball approached their Minute Maid Field seats on Monday night?

Foul Ball Couple Breaks Up

Located in seats down the left-field line, Sara Saco-Vertiz was struck flush on the right arm by the ball after her date, Bo Wyble, scrambled out of the way - exposing her to the liner off the bat of Chris Johnson.

The couple resurfaced Thursday morning on CBS and in an interview with Harry Smith confirmed that they have broken up since the incident.

Your Without Me, Leather: Astros Fan Evacuates Date Over Incoming Foul Ball

Saco-Veritz told Smith that the split was not over Wyble’s failure to wear a glove in her most vulnerable state, but somehow I have a feeling that sad abandonment may have hastened the relationship’s demise.

Below is video and a partial transcript of the interview.
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